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Post Math Contents - admin - 02-15-2010 08:38 PM

If you like to see and post asciimathml kind of math content, your web browser need to be firefox or IE.

For IE, you need to install mathplayer which is free at

This means that if you like to post math which is reabable for all popular browsers, use latex instead. The site provide a simple toolbar that works with MathJax from to handle a subset of latex contents.


\ [x=\frac{-b\pm \sqrt{b^2-4ac}}{2a}\]

will provide
\[x=\frac{-b\pm \sqrt {b^2-4ac}}{2a}\]

If you don't use the right browser, the 1st line of the result is not a proper math expression as the 2nd line. If you don't familier with latex, you can use our LaTeXBar to start with.

Latex+MathJax make the site privide pretty contents like
\(x = a_0 + \frac{1}{\displaystyle a_1 + \frac{1}{\displaystyle a_2 + \frac{1}{\displaystyle a_3 + a_4}}} \, \, \, \) and somthing like \( A=\begin{pmatrix}
a_{11} & \cdots & a_{1n}\\
\vdots & \ddots & \vdots\\
a_{m1} & \cdots & a_{mn}
\end{pmatrix} \)

or even some chemistry \(2H_2 + O_2 \overset{n,m}{\to }2H_2O\)